Why do Hackers attack SMB's?

... they are Easy Targets

Almost two-thirds of Small and Midsized Businesses have no data security policy.

So attackers focus on SMBs as an easy target with a high ROI.

Key Statistics

Little Awareness

58% of SMB managers do not see cyber-attacks as a significant risk.

High Vulnerability

During 2016, 60% of all small and midsized businesses that were hacker, were out of business in 6 months.

Low Risk, High Return

More than 90% of attacks come through web traffic and email through malware and phishing attacks.

Growing Concern

The number of records compromised in 2016 increased significantly by 566% year-over-year to more than 4 billion.

Key Facts

Although the news tends to focus on large breaches, SMBs are often the principal targets of cybercrime. Why? Because SMBs have critical assets (such as credit card numbers, identity information, health information, intellectual property), but less security than larger enterprises — putting them in the attackers sweet-spot.”

Spear-phishing emails and ransomware are increasing risks for SMBs due to inadequate security. SMBs may not consider themselves targets, but weak security makes them easy targets for the smash-and-grab approach of ransomware."

SMBs often have weak security measures, largely due to limited resources and less awareness of threats. To stay focused on growing your business and to minimize risk, an essential level of security is recommended. This includes security technologies, training, and processes designed to defend against and respond to today’s sophisticated cyber attackers."

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